Roofing Contractors in Atlanta

Our Team

A successful roofing company, even a company with the kind of excellent reputation that Ben Hill Roofing has, can only go as far as it’s Team members are capable of going. But as anyone in the Ben Hill Roofing family can tell you, that is not an area of concern for our family of roofing experts. Our team members are outstanding examples of experience, expertise, and 5-star level customer care or as Ben Hill Roofing employees would say “our goal with every new day is to create "Raving Fans.”


At Ben Hill Roofing, one of our primary goals is to not JUST leave “satisfied customers” but to go a step beyond by creating “Raving Fans”. Every employee in our company has the privilege and responsibility of creating fans out of our customers from the initial call to the completion of every project. We truly want each and every customer to rave about their experience with Ben Hill Roofing.

When a satisfied customer truly becomes a “Raving Fan,” it means that our Ben Hill Roofing team has not only met your expectations for Roofing Services, but have revolutionized what you expect from your roofing company. We are never satisfied with average service. That’s simply not the Ben Hill Roofing way of doing business.

Our commitment to this type of exceptional customer service goes back to 1964 and the start of Ben Hill Roofing. Our founder, Carroll L. Welch, insisted on providing a customer experience that went far and above any typical customer service experience. Today, our employees have been trained to go “the extra mile” and always give maximum effort and results “plus one.” We hope to not only meet your expectations but exceed them in every aspect of what a roofing company should be.