Roofing in Atlanta

Way back in 1964, military veteran Carroll L. Welch traded in his City of Atlanta Fireman uniform for a good pair of work boots and a box of roofing shingles. His goal was to bring the same steady, spirited, whatever-it-takes approach that it took to be a public servant, and offer Metro Atlanta and his fellow Georgia residents the best roofing services they could ever hope for.

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It wasn’t very long before every Georgia home or business owner wanted to get a “Ben Hill” roof. There was just something special about the roofs. They seemed to be just a step above the rest. Maybe it was the high-quality building materials. Maybe it was the outstanding workmanship that went into every single shingle. Maybe it was the way people felt when Mr. Welch treated them, their loved ones, and their property with respect, integrity, and professionalism.

Whatever the reasons behind the growing popularity of Ben Hill Roofing, Carroll's son David Welch has continued the great tradition of offering Metro Atlanta and rural Georgia the very best roofing services they could ever hope for. The Ben Hill Roofing family is thrilled that you have considered our roofing services for your next roof replacement, repair, or whatever roofing need you have. We trust you have the same kind of satisfactory experience that Mr. Welch’s first customers had, and that your Ben Hill roof will be beautiful and perfectly protective of your people and property for years to come.

New Roofs

When you want the very best solutions for protecting and covering your home or business, skip the tarps, forget about the cardboard and duct tape, and get your home or business fitted with a Ben Hill roof! When you want to keep your property looking beautiful and protected for years to come, nothing tops a new roof!

Replacement Roofs

If you think you might need a new roof for your home or business, you’re probably right! If you see the tell-tale signs of a faulty commercial roof, you might already be past the point of rescue. Only a true roofing professional can know for sure. If you think you might need a roof replacement, and you want the best roofing in Atlanta, think Ben Hill.

Repair & Maintenance

Ben Hill’s Roofing Repair & Maintenance division is comprised of some of the Southeastern United States’ most respected Roofing experts. If your commercial roof can be properly repaired or maintained, Ben Hill Roofing is the company that can do it. Ask about our superior Preventive Maintenance Programs.

Infrared Scans

One of the most helpful modern tools that we have access to is Aerial Infrared Scans. Ben Hill Roofing has some of the most precise methods for Infrared roof scanning. We begin with a thermal image scan of your entire roofing surface, then map out thermal signatures to directly detect areas of concern.


If you are looking for Professional Roofing Inspection for Residential or Commercial property, for code corrections, or even if you’re not sure what kind of Roof Inspections would most benefit your Roofing situation, don’t hesitate! Ben Hill Roofing is Metro Atlanta and rural Georgia’s most trusted commercial roof inspection company.