Roof Maintenance in Atlanta

Proper Commercial Roof Repair is extremely important when it comes to extending the life of your roof system. The longer you wait to repair a faulty, damaged, or underperforming commercial roof, the more long term problems you will have and the sooner you will have to replace the roof. When you are in need of a Commercial Roofing Repair in the Southeastern United States, turn to Ben Hill Roofing, your friend in Commercial Roofing in the South, and for Roof Maintenance in Atlanta and the surrounding areas.

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Highly Recommend!

We have been a customer of Ben Hill Roofing for over 5 years now, prior to Ben Hill I went through at least 8 other roofing companies over the previous 15 year period. The other guys either got to where they didn’t do what they said they would do, couldn’t get in touch with them or they just couldn’t fix the problem. I have found that Ben Hill is very prompt in their service and they do what they say they will do. I have many cases where I have had a problem after a big rain and they were here the same day of the service call. They were also able to repair the old issues that the other guys couldn’t seem to figure out. I highly recommend Ben Hill Roofing

- Roger Owenby, Warehouse Manager, Applied Industrial

Perhaps you know you have a problem with your roof but you don’t know exactly where the leak is sourced. It is helpful to know that you don’t have to be a roofing expert to know that your commercial building needs roof repair. Easy to spot signs that you could immediately need commercial roof repair include, but are not limited to:

  • Obvious leaking during and after rain showers
  • Waterspotting on your ceilings or walls
  • Signs of mildew or mold along gutter alleys
  • Out of control energy bills, especially during extreme temps
  • Visible cracking or bubbling on your commercial rooftop
  • Incessant pooling in the corners of your rooftop
  • And a whole host of other warning signs

Since it takes a certain level of expertise to really monitor your new or aged commercial roof and keep track of how your roof is performing, Ben Hill roofing offers the very best commercial roof maintenance in Atlanta and the Metro Atlanta areas.

Roof Maintenance in Atlanta – Ben Hill Roofing

Having a Roof Maintenance Agreement with Ben Hill Roofing gives you the advantage of having a licensed roofing expert at your service. Our roofing industry experts offer vast knowledge in all types of building structures including government buildings, schools & universities, hospitals, industrial facilities, shopping centers, high rise structures, condominium complexes and most other types of commercial properties.

Your Ben Hill Roofing experts are equipped with the knowledge and ability to repair and maintain any type of commercial roof system. By choosing Ben Hill Roofing’s repair and maintenance team, you will greatly increase your chances for the highest ROI (return on investment) for your commercial building.

Quickly Making Our Roof Dependable Again!

We acquired an older building in Villa Rica Georgia for the purpose of adding more capacity for wire manufacturing. The building had leaks in both the manufacturing and office areas. We worked with another roofing group in hopes of stopping the immediate troublesome leaks and bringing our aging roof up to specs. We had limited success in stopping the leaks and also in getting the contractor here when we needed them. One of our employees had previous experience with Ben Hill Roofing and urged us to give them a call. I contacted them and they were onsite the next day. I relayed to them the problem spots and told them which ones had highest priority. I also shared with them Southwire’s policy on safety and the expectations we had for Ben Hill Roofing while they were at our facility. They were very cooperative and explained the policies that were already in force at B.H.R. to keep their employees and customers safe. After more than a half dozen visits, I’ve not had to call them down on any safety matters. The roof work has been very satisfactory and they have set us up with a preventive maintenance program (monthly) that is quickly making our roof dependable again. On arrival every month, they check in with me to find if any conditions have changed, then they go to work removing failing roof materials and replacing as needed. They also email me before-and-after photos of work, done. My experience with Ben Hill Roofing has been a good one, and I would recommend them to anyone needing a roofing contractor.

- Ken Brown, Southwire Company, Villa Rica Plant

Preventive Maintenance Programs

Our maintenance plans are designed to fit the individual needs and budget of each customer based on their specific building size and roof type. Implementing a Roof Maintenance Plan means that you are taking a “Proactive” approach as opposed to a “Reactive” approach to your roofing needs. Being proactive avoids problems before they occur and helps to prevent long term damage which can occur from ignoring needed maintenance and repairs. Let us help you be “Proactive” by implementing regular scheduled roof maintenance that will save you money, give you peace of mind during the rainy months and prolong your roofs life.

Maintenance Program Benefits:

  • Detailed before/after pictures included with all invoices
  • Discounted hourly rates for maintenance visits and service calls
  • Routine cleaning of trash & debris from the roof, gutters, and drainage areas which prevents overflow and damage to the roof membrane
  • Regularly scheduled sealing of roof penetrations, pipe and roof jack collars, open flashing, flashing angles/corners, wall joints, support blocks, scuppers, and HVAC ductwork
  • Continued routine maintenance of these items will help keep your building watertight and extend the life of your current roof system and keep any existing manufacturer’s warranty in effect
  • Conveniently scheduled roof maintenance including annual, bi-annual, quarterly and monthly based on your needs and building size

For more information on Commercial Roofing Repair & Maintenance, or any of the BHR Roofing Systems, call or contact our experts today!