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Do you remember when the directions to any Marietta-area business included which way to turn at “The Big Chicken?” Not only was that a popular way to landmark your West Atlanta or Marietta business throughout the 1980s, but it was also the famous last line of many local Atlanta area commercials. If the last time you had your commercial roof replaced was when that particular advertising was popular, you probably need a new roof! Since 1964, Ben Hill Roofing has been Metro Atlanta and Northwest Georgia’s #1 Local Roofing Company. We have specialists all throughout the Southeastern United States, and that includes where you live and work, in and around the Marietta area.

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Marietta, Georgia is one of the most prestigious, industrious cities in all of the Metro Atlanta area. As Commercial and Residential growth continues in most of the Metro area, Marietta’s residential and commercial population is at an all-time high. As this growth continues, the amount of homes and businesses that are built, or remodeled, also increases. A unique pillar of Northwestern Georgia, Marietta is a beautiful, thriving, competitive place to live and work in the Southeast. If you live or work in Marietta, you can’t afford to let your home or business suffer because of an old, faulty, or underperforming roof. Ben Hill Roofing, Northwest Georgia’s trusted source for Commercial Roofing, is proudly available for all your Marietta Roofing Contractor needs!

If your commercial roofing needs involve a school or municipal building that must remain in session during your roof repair or installation process, Ben Hill Roofing will gladly accommodate, and give you outstanding service while staying conveniently out of your way. Similarly, if you own a business that must continue operations while a project is underway, Ben Hill can help you accomplish all your goals, while giving you the best commercial roofing experience you could ever hope for.

The majority of the Ben Hill Roofing staff has been with the company for many years. We believe this type of consistency contributes highly to the success of our roofing projects. We trust that you will always find our people to be smart, courteous, and dedicated roofing professionals who will attend to all your important roofing needs. Many of our Marietta-based projects are tailored around the specific needs of our clients. If you’re looking for a Marietta Roofing Company, or Marietta Roofing Contractor, who will treat you like family, look no further than Ben Hill Roofing. Call or contact a Ben Hill Roofing expert today, and see what we can do for you!

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