Infrared Roof Scans in Atlanta

For years, commercial property owners and property managers have wished they could harness the power of aerial drones for capturing new perspectives and insights. This is especially true of a drone’s ability to view its surroundings using thermal infrared scans.

For property owners and managers looking to utilize modern technology to analyze and maintain their commercial roof health, very few processes can give you the depth of knowledge that a commercial infrared scan can. Ben Hill Roofing, the trusted name in Roofing since 1964, has been providing the best and latest aerial infrared roof scans in Atlanta for years.

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Why should you consider Aerial Infrared Roof Scanning with Ben Hill Roofing?

  • Infrared utilizes the latest technology to assist in your roof assessment needs
  • Infrared can help you determine the best plan of action based on your scan results
  • Infrared can help prevent unexpected shutdowns by predicting problems before they worsen
  • Infrared provides the most economical option by helping you avoid roofing disasters
  • Infrared offers the best non-destructive testing methods, complete with field verification
  • Infrared gives you the most accurate assessment of your roof’s present and pending condition
  • Infrared offers a safe and beneficial alternative to traditional roof scanning methods

Aerial Infrared Scans for Your Commercial Roofing Needs

At Ben Hill Roofing, we use the latest technology to analyze your roof and provide details as to what is needed. Utilizing the most modern drone technology to obtain an aerial view, we are able to use the high-resolution FLIR ThermaCAM P620 infrared camera to snap multiple images at a very high speed. The FLIR ThermaCAM can help us determine hidden problem areas on any roof. After the scan is complete, we put together a report that pinpoints those areas of concern along with a detailed explanation of each area and our recommendations for long term care.

The FLIR ThermaCAM creates a thermal image of your entire roof surface. This image distinctly maps out areas of differing thermal readings. The thermal signatures are then color coded to reflect warmer and cooler areas with red as warm, and white as cool to better show the areas that are allowing water to pond and/or penetrate the roofing system.

When the sun’s energy has dissipated at dusk, a water saturated roof substrate creates a different thermal signature than areas that are dry during this critical thermal equalization stage. This is when our certified thermographers will be able to capture thermal images of your roof surface. This allows us to spot the areas of concern that you may not even be aware that exist.

Ben Hill Roofing is based out of West Metro Atlanta, Georgia, but is also strategically headquartered throughout the entire Southeastern United States allowing us to have Ben Hill Roofing experts in your area. For more information on Infrared Roof Scans, or any other BHR Roofing Systems, call or contact Ben Hill Roofing to better determine what Atlanta’s best Infrared Roof Scanning can do for your Commercial Property!