Ben Hill Roofing

Way back in 1964, military veteran Carroll L. Welch traded in his City of Atlanta Fireman uniform for a good pair of work boots and a box of roofing shingles. His goal was to bring the very same steady, spirited, whatever-it-takes approach that it took to be a public servant, and offer Metro Atlanta and rural Georgia residents the best roofing services they could ever hope for. What began with humble aspirations of offering high-quality, high-value services to Georgia residents and business owners quickly became something more influential than Mr. Welch ever dreamed. And before long, Ben Hill Roofing became one of the most respected Residential and Commercial Roofing enterprises in the entire Southeastern United States.

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Today, Ben Hill Roofing proudly carries the mantle of Carroll L. Welch through the efforts of his son, David, and the entire Ben Hill Roofing family. We still operate with the same high level of integrity and the same strict “customer-first” policy that we have since 1964. Whether you’re looking for a new roof installation, a roof replacement, roof repairs & maintenance, and infrared scan, or if you just need to consult with an expert, treating YOU right is still our top priority. Though our influence may have grown to cover West Georgia, Metro Atlanta, Northwest Georgia, and several more bordering states and regions, we have never lost sight of what is most important. And at Ben Hill Roofing, the most important part of our entire operation is serving YOU, our most valued customer.

Our Team

A roofing company, even a company with the excellent reputation that Ben Hill Roofing has, can only go as far as it’s Team members are capable of going. But as anyone around the Ben Hill Roofing family can tell you, that is not an area of concern for Metro Atlanta and rural Georgia’s favorite roofing company. Our team members are outstanding examples of experience, expertise, and 5-star level customer care.

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The only thing that people love more than hiring Ben Hill Roofing for all their new roof, roof replacement, and roof repair needs, is working WITH the Ben Hill Roofing family! With plenty of opportunities for advancement, and a great work environment that is built around company-wide excellence, Ben Hill Roofing is hiring new talent all the time!

To explore your potential career options with Ben Hill Roofing, check out our BEN HILL CAREERS page.

Service Areas

For Ben Hill Roofing, what began as a humble residential and commercial roofing influence in West Metro Atlanta has now spread all throughout the entire Southeastern United States. With a home base still firmly plugged into the heart of Metro Atlanta, Western Georgia, and Northern Georgia, Ben Hill now has official headquarters stationed in Rome, GA, Asheville, NC, and all throughout the South.

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